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Meet the players
The Players are an essential part of Player Playwrights.
At our regular Monday evening readings of new work, they are the ones that bring the play to life.
They help reveal the potential of a new work, and expose its possible deficiencies. 
Often their input in the discussions that follow each reading are the most insightful and the most useful for the writer.
For actors, Player Playwrights is a chance to flex their talents, to meet up with fellow theatre professionals and make connections.
Often members of the cast for a reading at Player Playwright will end up in the play's full production.  

A selection of the professional actors who make work come to life at Player Playwrights evenings

Click on the image to go to the player's web page and information

Lynne 50.jpg

anthea courtenay


IMG_20200906_172847_510 (1).jpg

julia collier

fiona mckinnon


jonathan hansler


ninaz khodaiji


pete picton


james sutherland


lynne o'sullivan


philip philmar


silas hawkins


jim mannering


diana brooks


stephen cavanagh



caroline langston


kenteas brine


Denise posh shot.jpg

denise o'leary


heather bleasdale


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